The first annual Himalayan Banked Slalom

While the rest of the world will be concentrating on the biggest snowsports circus going down in Sochi, Russia. Di5 Adventures will be hosting a grassroots celebration of snowboarding, in one of the most remote resorts on the planet: Gulmarg. This coming Olympic year, in India, Di5 Adventures, with the support of the Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Department, will host the first ever Himalayan Banked Slalom. 

Most people who enjoy one planking in the snow will probably have heard of this style of event as it lays close to the roots of our sport. Harking back to a bygone era when snowboarding was more about slashing banks than hucking 9's. Competitions like the Mt Baker Banked Slalom have paved the way to keeping one foot in the past. Now we want to take that same spirit and showcase it in a country where snowboarding is still very much in its infancy. 

Over the past decade snowboarding has gone from strength to strength through exposure by visiting tourists. However, the sports commitees there have been harder to sway and a learner snowboarder still isn't allowed to ride the pomas! So we want to show the sport to these people at its fullest potential. At the same time, we'll pique the interest of all the locals. Ideally we want to stamp snowboardings mark on a country, which before the majority will never have even heard of.

Sandy is still the reigning "King of the Hill" but do not fret,
the speedy scot will be taking on an organisers role and not racing!
We're going to be doing all this at the end of Febuary 2014, when the season's visitors are at it's peak, as is the snow. It's going to be a full on blowout, with elimination runs, a night party and proper prizes. Want to get involved? Well we still need help in two areas. Firstly, we are looking for sponsorship. Work for or know someone at a snowboard or outdoor company, which you reckon would want to get involved in this annual festival, then please give them or us a shout. Secondly, we'll need competitors, so how about ditching the norm and come and get involved in a trully first of its kind for the Himalaya! 

Di5 Adventures are offering special packages, which run over the scheduled dates of the event and include entry. Go to have a gander then email Andy or Sandy for more details.