the gulmarg gondola creates the most unique resort on the planet.

The Gulmarg Gondola is the main attraction, spanning a distance of 5.2km and gains 1300m in vertical height. It gives you the access to Mt. Affarwat and the enormous backcountry opportunities surrounding the "resort". Constructed in two stages, the french designed cable car was completed in 2005. Phase one rises from Gulmarg, through the forest to Kongdoori, the mid-station plateau, at a height of 2950m. From there, you board the second phase and depart for the high alpine bowls which Gulmarg is famous for. The ride from the village to the Gondola top station, combined, takes approximately 25 minutes. Once arriving at the top station, numerous options are available. The hardest choice is yours, which line you choose.

Just riding the gondola is an experience in itself, from the snowball fights in the lift line; to the feeling of obscurity when dangling in the clouds; from start to finish you’ll be getting glimpses of the possibilities that lie ahead. 

G1 to G2

The Gulmarg Gondola  rises from the village to the mid-station at Kongdoori.

I had the best trip of my life...and cant wait to go back
— Sascha Berolsky, South Africa

G3 to G4

Phase two of the Gulmarg Gondola ascends through the "Gondola Bowl"

The CHAIRlift is plan B

When the gondola isn’t playing the game the chairlift comes in handy. Running a third of the way up the second phase the chair is a more recent addition. A great place to start if new to powder or another option when mother nature is in full effect.