The anti-resort, Lift accessed backcountry

Mt. Affarwat is a 6 km wide alpine playground that overlooks the Gulmarg village.  The  ridge line provides relatively easy access to the south side of the mountain while the northern side requiring a little ‘earn your turns’ effort to gain not only the goods but the summit.  The “resort” in Gulmarg is only one bowl out of the 18 that make up the front side of Mt. Affarwat. In gondola bowl, ski patrol conduct regular avalanche control, mark hazards and rescue injured parties.

Wow, this has to be the best place to go snowboarding in the world! Look at all those faces and terrain and there’s no one here!
— Mike "BONES" Treloar, Australia

Outside the resort boundary is acres of backcountry. Mt Affarwat offers a vast array of different riding options.

Open bowls that rival  helicopter accessed terrain; are a great space to get your legs,  if you are new to riding the deep stuff.

There are ridges galore with a plethora of lips, hips and hits that let you surf the Himalaya.

 Steep trees that vary from sparse birch to massive old growth pines.

Technically challenging terrain  that  more seasoned riders will delight in threading lines between the rocks and cliff bands.

MT affarwat STATS



LONGEST RUN:  2000 Metres

annual snowfall: 14 metres



This mountain really does have it all.

After 8 years of operation,  the Di5 crew are still discovering secrets that they only share amongst themselves.