Quite simply Gulmarg offers a ridiculous amount of terrain. The ever present massif that is Mt Affarwat has gladed ridges, awesome powder bowls and tight rocky faces that put you right back at the gondola mid-station. Go a little further south and you drop into the Drung drainage and ride one of the world’s longest powder lines. Over the summit towards the northern end, even more steeps, birch wood trees and creative freedom make up lines galore. Most of which you ride all the way back to the first stage of the gondola, meaning you’re riding 1800m of vertical! The backside of Mt. Affarrwat and the Northern tip require some touring gear to get back out. Don’t worry though the ride vs effort is heavily weighted in favour of the shred.

When the gondola is closed the forest becomes your new best friend. Being located on a plateau, in the heart of an old growth pine forest, hundreds of meters above the next village has its advantages. Namely some of the most exhilarating tree runs around. Big pillows, crazy drops, log rides and face shots galore are all on offer just off the backside of the village. These classic lines drop you all the way to Babareshi, where you are whipped back up in a four-wheeled gondola all of your own (a.k.a. a sumo taxi). Closer to the village is the infamous Monkey Hill. It is a tour/bootpack option that rewards you with a short, steep and super fun run filled descent with a myriad of features. Monkey Hill can be  a turn to turn whiteroom!

The riding was amazing and it certainly didn’t matter if the gondola was turning or not
— Will Cheshire, Australia


This is the resort, one bowl of  wide open pow fields on riders right and steep rocky lines on riders left. There is a multitude of options as you descend that will put riders into steep tree lines, gullies and a wide open apron that runs onto the meadow back towards the gondola mid-station.

The view heading down Mary's Shoulder in the lower half of Gondola Bowl


Riding outside of the resort on Mt Affarwat is the easiest and most abundant slackcountry on the planet. There are 18 bowls easily accessed from the G4 gondola station at 3980m asl. The terrain on the front side of Mt Affarwat is the epitome of "Poor mans Heli" 

Looking into Affarwat North Bowl from the Chair, choose your line.


The real backcountry terrain requires touring gear and some real fitness.  This terrain is for experienced riders only.

A lesser seen view of the Sharks Fin, you'll need some legs and lungs to ride these lines.

Phase 1

The trees below the mid-station of the gondola are home to the one groomed run in Gulmarg. Side hits and pow slashes are the standard as you wind your way back to the village. If the top of the gondola is closed due to bad weather you can decide to "hot lap" Phase 1 and your guide will show you some of our not so secret stashes.

Monkey Hill

This little gem requires a short hike from the village, The runs are short but the blower gets deep! Once on top you can ride back into the village or drop onto the Gulmarg road. These trees hide an abundance of pillows and drops that result in faceshots galore.

Di5 ADV founder, Andy hitting up his favourite zone on Monkey Hill


A zone that still serves up surprises year after year. Acres of  steep old growth forest drop away from the eastern side of the village. There are serious pillow lines, log rides and cliff drops scattered throughout the massive pines. Another heavy weather option that keeps your riding through the big storms. These runs end on the road or in the village where you will be met by our car and whisked back up to Gulmarg for as many runs as your legs can handle. 

2015 guest, Bones dropping into the Babareshi forest.